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Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
korea. [whispering] >> george: and when a northern korean accepts jesus christ, he or she will face pe persecution, imprisonment, and possibly death because of their faith. peter gave cbn footage of a show that allegedly shows the execution of north korean christians. [yelling] >> george: trying to get precise figures on the number of christians today in north korea is extremely difficult. >> based on data gathered from north korean defectors and international human rights groups, we estimate there are approximately 30,000 christians being held in political prison camps, and about 10,000 underground believers who are in hiding throughout the country. >> george: back along a stretch of the north-south korean border, it is a little past midnight. using the cover of darkness, peter's team continued to deploy hundreds of balloons at multiple locations. today the wind conditions have been good. >> often the winds will change suddenly, and we have to wait. sometimes we come back the next day. we are persistent. people's lives are on the line. we will continue to do this and continue to pray
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Feb 5, 2013 11:30pm PST
, "you know what? i come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i (bleep) want to." and, "watch this!" bam! and he smashed into some (bleep) guy and pinned right there between that (bleep) truck. [laughter] >> stephen: yes, the driver said he was jesus and plowed into a worker from a power company. folks, this is why the lord is your co-pilot, not behind the wheel. [laughter] now, normally, if a driver claims to be jesus, police will pull him over and make him walk a straight line on water. [laughter] but the cops hadn't arrive yet, so a bystander ran over to help. >> he just kept saying he was jesus christ, and he was going to save all of us, we just have to get-- he used the "n" word, meaning black people and that-- he said we need to get them off of the earth. he put me in a bear hug and started beating the crap out of me. >> stephen: ok, i think it's safe to assume two things. one, that this driver isn't really jesus. [laughter] and two, not a packers fan. [laughter] [cheers and applause] so kai, our hitchhiker with the axe, who i will remind you is the hero of this
Feb 27, 2013 2:30am PST
, look at me conforming myself to the passion and death and resurrection of jesus christ. benedict xvi has made a decision that the church needs something that he cannot give so he should get out of the way. he should retire into the background. that, as ann just indicated and liz mentioned and i mentioned and he mentioned, is another way to bear the cross of christ. and i think it was a very strikingly personal last statement to the church. i'm not leaving you. and thank you for not leaving me. >> we heard the loud applause there, the pope was delivering the message in spanish, the church has seen growth in latin america, seen growth in africa, leading to questions, father, about his success so, whether it could be someone who is from africa, from latin america, maybe even dare we say, north america. >> could well be. the church certainly has shifted, as you say, it's suffering in western europe, yet there are 61 cardinals from europe. the college of cardinals that will be voting. the church is exploding in latin america, africa and parts of asia. there are some viable candidates. so,
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
jesus christ knocked me off my horse and i saw this bright shining light and he said, saul, saul, why do you persecute me? and he said, delivering you from the people and from the gentiles unto whom now i send you. to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of satan to god. that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. the biggest sin you can commit is not to believe in jesus christ, according to jesus christ. that's the biggest sin you can commit. >> next speaker. >>> hi, my name is trevor johnson. i'd like to bring an issue to the attention of the supervisors. this affects all your districts. there is literally a scourge on the streets of san francisco right now, putting all our citizens and visitors alike in danger. there are two illicitly operating taxi companies operating under the guise of ride sharing smart phone apps that have collectively over 1,000 unlicensed and underinsured vehicles operating as taxicabs in the city. both of these companies prey on the under employed and fib
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
to hear it, namely the gospel of jesus christ, the cross, sin, forgiveness, death, and life. >> 80 years ago he wrote those words about the state of mainstream protestantism in new york city. >> reporter: while he didn't find sound theology in most of the churches in new york, he was inspired when he went to abissinian baptist church in harlem. >> everything about it touched his heart and moved him, so he went every single sunday not just to worship, but to teach sunday school. he got very involved. >> a white german in a black church beginning in the 1930s. >> it is amazing. he really was gripped by the whole idea of the racism and race relations in the u.s. there was nothing to compare this to in germany. this was an american problem. just a couple of years later, hitler becomes chancellor in 1933 and everything changes. suddenly bonhoffer is facing in germany exactly what he saw her. he saw a group of people, the jews, being mail mad made to be second-class citizens. he was one of the few christians who understood what he saw. it is a stunning thing to see how the churches and conserv
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
jesus as a human being. just who was jesus christ and how does he fit in the 21st century? we'll ask yahya hendi, muslim chaplain, georgetown university. and mark edward dever, baptist, southern baptist church. >>> welcome, welcome, imam, and welcome pastor dever. i want to talk about and present the proposition that the economic condition of any nation has profound impact on all phases of social living, cultural living, and spiritual -- the spirituality of the era. and we'll develop that as weo along. in the 1960 we had a wave of economic expansion and it produced something called the "age of aware just." and the age of aware just spawned the number of exotic religions, including zen buddhism and hindu meditation and from there into the jesus freak youth movement which swept through the ranks of the drug-depleted and sex-sated surfers of california and and from there into the jesus freak youth movement which swe . now, imam, do you detect any impact of the affluence of today on the spirituality of your -- your flock? >> indeed. i do believe that if i were to go back 20 years or see
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
who claimed to be jesus christ intentionally rammed the worker with his car because the man was black. that's when the fresno hitchhiker jumped into action and used his hatchet to help innocent bystanders. >> driving down this lane, he's like, you know what? i come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i [ bleep ] want to and watch this. bam, and he smashed into the [ bleep ] guy there pinned him in between the [ bleep ] truck. >> reporter: the homeless hitchhiker was in the passenger seat of the oldsmobile when it went down. >> the guy went crazy and was trying to pull the guy from under the car and the truck and then gets in his car and tries to move the car and we weren't going to let him do it. >> if you started driving that car around again, man, it would have been a hell of a lot of bodies around here. >> he just kept saying he was jesus christ and he is going to save all of us and but we have to get -- he used the "n" word, meaning the black people, we need to get them out. >> reporter: the pg&e worker was rushed to the
Feb 28, 2013 12:30am PST
christ, according to jesus christ. that's the biggest sin you can commit. >> next speaker. >>> hi, my name is trevor johnson. i'd like to bring an issue to the attention of the supervisors. this affects all your districts. there is literally a scourge on the streets of san francisco right now, putting all our citizens and visitors alike in danger. there are two illicitly operating taxi companies operating under the guise of ride sharing smart phone apps that have collectively over 1,000 unlicensed and underinsured vehicles operating as taxicabs in the city. both of these companies prey on the under employed and fib experienced of the city putting them to work in under insured nonlicensed and under regulated vehicles for the purpose of in town point to point transportation for hire. thea companies also heavily promote heavily to their driver during busy time to tell them no special license or insurance is required and the transportation that they are providing is on a for-hire basis. this makes them taxi companies in practice, definitely not ride sharing, especially when these companie
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
"" "" the lnternationale "" "" unites the whole darn human race. "" "" jesus christ was a man "" "" that traveled through the land "" "" a carpenter true and brave "" "" and he said to the rich "" "" give your goods to the poor "" "" and they laid jesus christ in the grave "" "" he went to the sick "" "" and he went to the poor "" "" and he went to the hungry "" "" and the lame "" "" and he said that the meek "" "" would inherit the whole world "" "" and they laid jesus christ in the grave "" [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: this is the war room. i'm michael shure. coming up tonight the betting window is about to close on the sequester stakes. it looks like "no deal" is the odds-on-favorite. but is there time for a dark-horse solution to emerge? let's find out. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: all eyes are on washington where the showdown over the sequester is coming to a crescendo. all sides have staked out positions before tomorrow's talks at the white house. unless a deal is made friday, president obama will have to order the $85 billion in across the board cuts in federal spending. meanwhile, th
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
. how does the church take the gospel of jesus christ and bring it to a world today that is so caught up in the secular, so driven by other forces. he said that and secular drive and belief in god is compatible and you have to take it in your personal life and put it together. that's what he has said. that is going to be part of the challenge moving in the future. >> bret: catholic church has had things that officials said could have been handleed a lot differently from the top. >> that is part of the institution that divine and human. we follow in the pattern of the incarnate lord. the church has a spiritual devine side and it's caught up, it's wrapped up in human beings, frail as we are, regularly make mistakes. in an institution that is 2,000 years old, what counts is the continuity of the truth. we keep righting the wrongs. when as a failure we correct that failure and move on. this holy father has been a hero of that, to say the church needs constantly to be making herself as credible as possible in the world that looks to the church for some spiritual guidance. >> bret: so now you
Feb 27, 2013 1:00am PST
spiritual discipline, great student of the bible. on his day of resignation, he said jesus christ is the real leader of the church, the true ruler of the church. i suspect he'll say something of that today. in addition to what is an energetic atmosphere, an unsettled atmosphere. the church is moving into uncharted waters beginning at 8:00 tomorrow night. and while it's great to see this enormous catholic vitality today, the flip side of that are the problems that have come to the world's attention over the past week. i think the pope wants to give words of encouragement, words of challenge, as we move into what could be a very difficult although interesting period in catholic history. >> let me ask you, liz, as someone who's been there -- and obviously you're around your students at duquesne university, you give tours around the vatican, and you live in rome, as you have for so many years, about the way it feels here. it is so different in the united states. we talk about the problems in the church, and i'm wondering what you're feeling today and what your sense is, having been ar
Feb 1, 2013 4:00pm PST
expectation and low resources that we [inaudible] in anxiety and jesus christ. maybe we're looking for the wrong reason for the season. maybe there is the struggle of values what matters the most your son being alive and going to church and not a funeral. maybe we have a power that we must unleash. we have the power not to kill each other right now. we have the power not to shoot each other right now. we have the power not to consume drugs right now. we have the power to take our children to school right now. [inaudible] from other programs. we can change this right now. and those that go to school tend to stay and those that stay tend to graduate so to make this really happen we need parents and teachers and ministers and professionals and athletes and politicians pulling a full court press. these are our children. we can savage our children. we know where they are and who they are. we know -- they need targeted jobs and job training. you have to learn math to get the higher paying jobs. anybody can learn both sides of a double jacket album can learn math. say anybody. t
Feb 3, 2013 5:00am PST
the community all ways which is the embodiment of jesus christ. jesus by dying and being raised has become plural. he is no longer a singular person. two or three are gathered in my name, there i'm in the midst. there has to be a plurality of people. otherwise you don't get an experience of him. the importance of community coming together, a spirit filled community, a community that reflects on who it is by the tradition of the church, they own, make their own on proclaim it as their own. >> i want to ask you a question about pope john xxiii, evidently everything you say about him is true. he was a forward thinking man. how far has vatican ii really is in the church today? if he had lived longer, would we be farther ahead? >> okay, those are good questions tom. first of all, i think to me, the key to a blessed john 23rds exist. he genuinely trust in the holy spirit. he wasn't embarrassed by anything. also during vatican ii, he made sure he didn't intervened. he didn't get nervous. the only one controlling the church is the holy spirit to begin it. s
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
. he was like, you know what? i've come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i [ bleep ] want to. and he [ bleep ] pinned him in between that shrub. >> reporter: homeless hitchhiker kai was in the back seat of this vehicle when this all went down. >> the guy went crazy. he gets in his car and tries to move the car. and we weren't going to let him doing it. >> if he started driving that car around again, there would have been a hell of a lot of bodies in here. >> he just kept saying he was jesus christ. he used the n word, meaning the black people. he said we need to get them off of the earth. >> reporter: the pg&e worker was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery for non-life- threatening injuries. he wasn't the only person the driver attacked. >> he put me in a bear hug and started beating the crap out of me. >> these two women are trying to help him. a guy that big can snap a woman like a pencil stick. so i went up behind him with a hatchet. smash, smash, smash! >> reporter: and that's what tanya said saved her life. and
Feb 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
this way, like, you know what? i come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i want to! and watch this! bam! and he smashed into the guy right there, pinned him in between the truck! >> reporter: homeless passenger key was in the passenger seat when this all went down. >> the guy went crazy and was trying to pull the guy from underneath the car and the truck. and he tried to move the car. >> if he started driving that car around again, there would have been a lot of bodies around here. >> he kept saying he's jesus kriet and he's going to save -- christ and he's going to save all of us, and he used the n word, and we need to get them out. >> reporter: he went to the hospital for surgery for nonlife-sleng -- threatening injuries. >> he runs up and grabs one of them. like a guy that big could snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. so i just ran up behind him with a hatchet, smash, smash, smash! >> reporter: and that's what tanya said saved her life. and key, the homeless hitchhiker, didn't care the suspect was more than 6 feet tall. >> she was in danger. he just finished
Feb 28, 2013 8:00am PST
by his creativity in finding ways to express the love of god, the message of jesus christ in new and effective ways and he has to be both an organizational leader and a spiritual father, not just for rome, not just for europe, but for the whole world. for the church which is all over the world. so you have those -- the interior management aspect. but you also have the relationship aspect. so to find a man who can combine those things is difficult. and at the same time the pope has to kind of find ways to express the traditional teachings of the church, the certain teachings won't change, they can't change, they're not -- a pope can't completely change the bible for the gospels, they can't redefine the catechism or human nature, those teachings which the pope upholds the pope is going to have to be create nif in exposing the reasons of those teachings and all those teachings are helping people to achieve true and lasting happiness. and to do that in a world that's more and more secular, in a world that's more and more closed to spiritual things is a real challenge. and it takes a
Comedy Central
Feb 5, 2013 1:00am PST
expected. - cool. [woman screams] [rock music] - i love jesus christ, i love football. i love singing, and i love motivating crowds, and i love to [bleep]. and so just to be here with all those things that i love, i'm living my dream every day. four years sober and just doing it every day. well, gosh, i love the internet. - ha ha. good at bizness. >> february 4, 2013. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. former chancellor of washington d.c. public school system michelle rhee is going to be joining us here. stay in school. don't drop out and get high and come to a taping of the show. and ask the host, what's is your script, man? what's on there? ( cheers and applause ) is it the letter g? we have fun here. listen. let's begin tonight with last night. a sporting event know encapsulates the entire tee of what it means to be an american. an event know begins with an emotional salute to the victims of gun vi
Feb 28, 2013 12:35am PST
for the first time. the dramatic testimony that could seal his fate. >>> jesus christ superstar. from reality tv pioneer to remaking the oldest stories ever told. tonight, the man who brought us "survivor" talks about taking on the bible with his wife who was touched by an angel. >>> extreme airport rage caught on tape. the viral video raising the question, has travel outrage reached a boiling point? >> keep it right >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. tonight, the divisive case setting the internet ablaze, pitting a popular college football star against a classmate who says he rained her. for the first time, the quarterback took the stand to tell his side of a high profile he said, she said story, but will it save him from prison? here's abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: jordan johnson, the former star quarterback at the university of montana, is accused of raining a former acquaintance. it's being called a classic case of he said, she said. he says he had consensual sex. she says it was rape. the case has divided the un
Feb 27, 2013 2:00am PST
the body of jesus christ that unites us all. it allows us to touch with our hands the strength of his truth and of his love. and at a time where everybody talks of his decline, we can see that the church is alive today. over the last few months, i perceived that my strength was declining and i have asked god with assistance in my prayers to enlighten with his light to allow me to make the best decision, not for my own good but the good of the church. i took the step. in the faull awareness of its gravity and novelty. but very sincere in spirit, loving the church also means have the courage to make divot choices, hard choices, bear in mind the good of the church and not oneself. please allow me to go back to the 2005 -- the gravity of the decision was also in the fact that starting from that moment, i was committed forever to the lord. and taking on peter's minister. no longer has any privacy, those who do belong to everybody, to the whole church, and the person's life, so to speak, no longer has a private dimension. i could experience and i experienced that now, that one receives life when
Feb 8, 2013 2:00pm PST
in jesus christ. all who are able, stand to your feet, and let us call ourselves together for worship and celebration. technically, what happens with the music in our service is, it begins with a prelude, and from that point on, music is almost analogous to the old steam engine. it starts rather slow, but as it builds up speed, it increases its energy. we call our service of worship, a service of celebration and jubilation, primarily because of the good news. when you hear good news, you are celebrative. but i also recognize that on any sunday gathered in the pews of this sanctuary are persons who have not had a great deal to celebrate during the week. and so music serves not only as a rallying point, but it also serves as a therapeutic means. (man) this music has one message. you've got to feel something. you leave here, you should feel better than when you came in the door. tom dorsey was the godfather, if you will, of gospel music. who was he? the blues musician, jazz musician, playing in the honky tonks and all that. and then one day, according to tom dorsey, god spoke to him and
Feb 10, 2013 10:00am PST
introduced to jesus christ and his church, and after that she became an apostle. >> reporter: day already has her own stained glass window in the church where she was baptized. her image has been made into icons. but some in the catholic worker movement are leery of the push for sainthood. >> the fact that dorothy day had an abortion, to say, well, now she's going to be labeled the right-to-life saint -- to m these diminish this beauful spirit that was larger than any one particular part. >> i don't want her to be the saint who had an abortion. i want her to be the mother of one and the grandmother. you know, that's who she was. >> reporter: joanne kennedy is managing editor of "the catholic worker." >> you can't know dorothy day and not know about her pacifism and her commitment to the works of mercy, although that gets a little more play. but her pacifism gets almost none. >> the thing that primarily drew me to "the catholic worker" initially was that there was a catholic entity that was seriously, but seriously antiwar. it doesn't appear that some of the bishops who want her to be a saint.
Feb 22, 2013 12:00pm PST
not be any more happier. >> i am overwhelmed. i am just praising the lord or jesus christ or lord and savior that he touched the hearts and souls of people to understand and read and see that ronald was innocent. >> reporter: now cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during the hearing today so these are photos of ronald before he was wrongly convicted. these are provided to us by a group called the innocence project at santa clara university. who about 4 years ago looked at his case and says he was innocent. ross was convicted in 2006 for a shooting in oakland but the victim back then picked ross out of a photo line up but now says he never believed ross was the shooter and he was pressured by police and feared the real gunman would come after him. several years later he will be set free this afternoon and in court this afternoon ross was crying when the judge says congratulations mr. ross and good luck to you. he even got a hug from his mother. >> i feel great. i feel great. lord knows i feel great. i feel like hollarring, but i might go to jail if i be hollarring. i am so excited i do
Feb 5, 2013 9:00pm PST
of jesus christ, to be one. the church to be one. >> reporter: and what bible verse encourages the new pope when he faces difficulties and dispair? he says it is 1 corinthians 13: 8. >> love never ends or fails. everything must be based on love. it is between two friends. my ministry, my serving. the church in every field must be based on love. why? because god is love. >> reporter: he desires prayer for egypt as christians stand on the promises of the book of isaiah, 19. >> this chapter, le bless my people, egypt. >> george: bless my people, egypt. great get, gary. what didn't the pope answer your question about shari'a law in the constitution? >> because he is smart. he is very careful about what he says. traditionally, the popes have not wanted to be political. they strictly dealt with spiritual matters and that is safe. because in egypt, if you say something that offends people, they accuse you of blasphemy and throw you in jail. >> george: do you get a sense from the images that we saw on the anniversary, there is another revolution brewing against mohammed morsi? >> yes. and thousands
Feb 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
the gospel of jesus christ. >> george: so imagine quitting your nine to five job, you leave everything you own behind, and you embark on a nearly year-long mission trip. 11 countries in 11 months. >> wendy: wow, sounds neat. it is known as the world race. and i recently sat down with one young woman who decided to embark on this adventure of a lifetime. ♪ >> and these cultures that we're going to, people don't care what you look like or what you smell like. they care about the message that you have. >> reporter: 28-year-old emily wright of virginia beach left her job, her apartment, and her family to take the world race challenge. that means over the next 11 months, emily will visit 11 countries for about 30 days each. >> you know, i'm excited just to be a part of something bigger than myself. >> reporter: her adventure began helping orphans in mozambique. and from there she goes to south africa, india, nepal, thailand, cambodia, vietnam, malaysia, mal dova, and will end her race in nigeria. emily and her team will work with local churches and ministries in the region. >> the ministries
Feb 16, 2013 1:00pm EST
news means to you -- the good news of god, the good news of jesus christ -- gospel music spreads that good news through the lyrics, through the hymns, through the feeling that you get when you sing. >> ♪ i sing because i'm happy >> i want to join gospel for teens because i think it's a great experience for children who want to be able to put their dreams out there. >> but for too many teens, those dreams are getting harder to reach. budget cuts are eliminating music programs in many schools across the country. >> for those lucky enough to pass these auditions, they'll spend the coming months learning not just how to sing gospel, but how to feel it. >> this is not, you know [chuckling] "american idol." this is not "x factor." this is none of that. just come up here, and you just express your talent. >> 19-year-old elijah is both one of the judges and the musical director. he knows how these kids feel because he was once a student here himself. >> gospel for teens is a family, you know? we've been here running for about seven years now, and for each program and each semester that
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
and forgiveness. there is always a need for the good news of jesus christ. >> reporter: professor pennington said the resignation establishes a future president that -- a new precedent that future popes would follow and wonders if he would step down the end of his life and that precedent was set. brian. >> and the edge on maryland now. a 14-year-old boy charged with killing his baby sitter. the boy's behind bars held without bond and admits he beat the seven-month-old before smothering her inside the family's apartment on lockwood drive in silver spring. the children's mother discovered the baby early on friday morning and called 911. the police say the teen was also caring for a three-year- old at the time of the baby's death, and the children's mother works the overnight shift. >> police went door-to-door in capitol heights and alerting home owners about a hope, a woman murdered in the area over the weekend and the 71-year-old was found dead in her home on saturday. the police hope the flyer will lead to arrest in the murder investigation. >> the news edge on d.c. tonight where a taxi cab slamm
Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm EST
audience. the pope spoke briefly in english. >> once again jesus christ knocks at our door. >> reporter: the 85-year-old is stepping down because he says he no longer has the physical or mental strength to lead. spectators say he was better than they expected. >> he was really happy and just lovely to see that. he was always smiling. >> i thought it was a very special day, very moving. >> reporter: the vatican announced today the conclave to elect a new pope will begin in mid march. the college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. here in st. peter's square, the future of the church is the hot topic. the pope was 78 when he was elected and many catholics believe the next pope should be younger. >> i'm of course looking for a younger pope who can relate with the younger generations. >> the next pope i would like to see maybe a little more open to some new ideas. >> reporter: mope benedict is the first pope to -- pope benedict is the first pope to resign in 600 years. the vatican says all objects connected to his ministry will be destroyed, including his
Feb 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
reaching out to gay members. just before our program, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints issued this statement. we believe boy scouts of america has acted wisely in delaying a vote. we cautious others not to speculate about our position or assume that individualing outside the scouting movement speak for the church. they say that the church has not launched a campaign to prevent a policy change. the church doesn't support a change at least to the boy scout's policy. "outfront" tonight, a reporter for buzz feed, a practicing mormon. john, a former eagle scout who says he's been excommunicated from the mormon church because he is openly gay and want everyone to know we have asked for a representative from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they have declined our invitation to appear on the program. thanks to you for taking the time. ochbl a really important issue. what are your sources telling you about the role the church played in getting the boy scouts to delay this decision? >> you saw in that statement, the church's pr people are getting their paychecks t
Feb 27, 2013 9:00am PST
to change a lot of things. not the doctrine. we're going to keep following what jesus christ told us but we've got to make sure that the people of this generation understand and that we help them to understand by the way we teach, by the way we preach, by the way we pray and show we love them. >> now, i know that in the conclave no cardinal is allowed to speak outside the conclave or tweet or do anything like that. but you've been there. tell us what it's like when you make this incredible choice in decision. >> can i tell you the story that i've been telling in many, many conferences over the past few weeks? the key moment of the conclave, you have your ballot in the hand, you're going to put it in the urn, you've written down one of the names of the card nals and in front of you is michael anglo's last supper, last judgment, rather. and before you put the ballot in, you read an oath. it's something like this. i call on jesus christ my lord who will be my judge. and there's michael angelo in front of you. who will be my judge that i'm voting for the man that i feel under god should be pope
Feb 11, 2013 2:05am EST
followed the teachings of jesus christ, ghandi, dr. martin luther king, and our lady guadeloupe. today, as the world averages about in a debate about the peopling of our nation and immigration, and as our nation does the same thing, let us pray that our leaders, all of our world leaders, and all of our leaders in the united states, will be inspired by the true story of the peopling of our nations. gives voice to those who now lives in the fear of the shadows of our society so inspired by the life and teachings of st. francis and jesus christ, let us pray as cesar chavez and prayed as he fasted for those who had no voice, those who are most vulnerable in our society. show me the suffering of the most miserable so that i will know my people's plight. free me to pray for others because you are present in every person. help me to take responsibility for my own life so that i can be free at last. grant me the courage, oph yes, -- oh yes, grant me the courage to serve others. give me honesty and patience so that i can work with others. bring forth a song and celebration so that the spirit wi
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
think that's right, larry. this is a man of faith. he's a real disciple of jesus christ. he wants to serve. and when he can no longer serve in the way he's been called to serve as bishop of rome, he's prepared to serve by retiring to a private life of prayer and reflection. that's a great act of service to the church, and it's a great expression of the character of joseph ratzinger. >> kathy, let me go to you on this. what was your first reaction when you heard about this today? were you surprised? there's a lot of rumors around new york, by the way, that cardinal egan had been working on this for awhile and it had been kept silent but not entirely. were you shocked at this? what was your first reaction? >> absolutely shocked. thought it was a farce. had to look it up five times to see it was real. it's sad. really sad. i love this pope. there's so much love for this pope. and even though he's still going to be with us, it's really like a mourning of him, i think. some of us are experiencing. but i like what you said about humility. when we look at john paul ii's end, many people
Feb 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
to be jesus christ. >> weather time and another dry day throughout the bay area despite it was chilly and a cold front moved through. we'll talk about the prospects for rain. we actually have some in the forecast. and find out if we'll be using that drought word anytime soon, gosh! your forecast coming up. in san francisco. 5-passengers and 2-cable car al muni blames a bolt in the tracks for this morning's cable car accident in san francisco. five passengers and two cable car operators went to the hospital after the cable car suddenly stopped at powell and washington. one of the passengers fell out of the cable car. others on board were shaken up. >> did you bump your head? >> yes. >> oh. >> we were just coming down the hill and the train abruptly stopped. they never moved after that. it was a little scary with the kids but looks like everyone's okay. >> investigators are trying to figure out where the bolt came from and how it got on the track in the first place. cable car service is back to normal tonight. >>> google may soon have to launch a
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